Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Its finally here!!

After being side tracked for a few months I have finally created the final build and written the game manual.  It's been uploaded to Mediafire and the link is below.  It weighs in at a measly 138mb in size and best of all it's completely free!!

I urge anyone who wants to play it to read the manual first to save you some aggravation in trying to figure out whats going on in game.  The manual is in PDF format.

This game is for Windows format only and requires a DirectX 9 compatible video card to play.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use headphones to play as positional audio is a critical aspect of gameplay.

Mediafire Download


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sorry for the delay.

Oh my, it has been awhile.  For any of the handful of people following this I'm sorry I've been gone so long.  I got side tracked by other things, but have progressed and I am almost finished with what I intend to release.  The game is fully playable, it just needs the statistics screen added to relay the hunters score after a successful outing.  It was a lot of work and will be released for free, hopefully very soon.

Back to work....

Monday, July 28, 2014

Not dead....

I'm still making progress, just haven't been updating much lately.  In my last video I showed off the wolf, but I really wasn't satisfied with the 3d model that I used.  Therefore, I have updated to a new wolf character that looks more like a real life wolf.

I'm going to try and wrap up the remaining mundane work and start testing.  I had grander plans for the game, but I think the stag hunt will be the only game mode incorporated.  As a result I plan on releasing the game for free.  It really was a training exercise for me in learning Unity and is a cool experience for what it is.

I'm going to try and get it wrapped up in the next month or so and get it out to anyone who want's to play it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another update...

Well I've been quietly hacking away at the game and have pushed ahead a good amount of work.  The game now has a main menu and temporary pause menu.  Controls are now mappable and basic video and gameplay settings integrated.  Much of my recent work has been mundane little system connections, but I have successfully integrated the wolves into the game with all the low level logic needed to bring them to life.   Binoculars have also been implemented to give the player a farther range of view over what the rifle scope will afford.

I'm going to try real hard to get a short video together this weekend to show off some of the new stuff.  Until then....

Monday, May 26, 2014

Coming together....

After a rough struggle with the pesky wolf, I have managed to tame him.  It wasn't easy, but he is doing exactly what I designed him to do, attack without mercy.  Now that much of the core gameplay mechanics have been built, it's now on to all the mundane stuff.  There is a ton of play testing, links between systems to build, more player interactions, the menu system, addition mini-game stages, etc... to do.

I will work on this stuff as time and my sanity allows and will try and keep the blog updated with my progress.  I'll make a video soon to show off the wolf in all his glory.  Until then....